Peerless-Winsmith introduces the SE Speed Reducer Series for Washdown Environments. We have SE Encore, SE Stainless Steel, and SE Maximizer Plus for various wash down protections.

Winsmith designs, manufactures, and markets worm, planetary, differential planetary, planocentric, epicyclical, and helical gearing technologies for a wide range of markets and applications including packaging, food processing, broadband satellite communications, solar energy array tracking, hydro flow generation, and motion control.

Benefits Include:

  • Three levels of wash down PROTECTION
  • WinGuard Epoxy Coating is STANDARD
  • Winshield Sealing System is UNMATCHED
  • 24 hour ship program is 100% ON-TIME

Contact Information

172 Eaton Street
Springvale, NY 14141

Phone: 716-592-9310

Peerless Winsmith SE Stainless Steel | CPTS South Central
Peerless Winsmith SE Encore | CPTS South Central