SGI Power Transmission, LLC (“SGI”), is a global entity, providing reliable standard and engineered product worldwide. Over the past 70 years, SGI has developed a diverse portfolio of industrial gearboxes, flexible shaft couplings, and special order engineered product. SGI’s 300+ employees across all business organizations includes over 45 engineers, working in all areas of design, application, and research & development.

SGI developed a defining presence in the United States in 2014; it is the global sales organization for Power Transmission Industries (“PTI”) and Woodbrook Driving Systems (“WDS”) products and services. PTI is responsible for all technical sales, marketing, and support efforts outside Brazil.

SGI Distribution and Service Centers are currently located in the United States, Brazil, and South Korea; with manufacturing capabilities and partnerships in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais) and around the world.


  • Drop-in Grid and Gear Couplings (Falk)
  • Trans Fluid Couplings
  • Drop-in Gearboxes (Falk & Flender)

Contact Information

900 South Rogers Circle, Suite 3
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Phone: 561-394-5480

Fax: 561-394-5485


SGI Power Transmission | CPTS South Central
SGI Power Transmission | CPTS South Central