Lumsden Belting - Balance Weave Belts, Flexx Flow Belting, Flat Wire Belts

Lumsden Belting manufactures high quality metal conveyor
belts for the food processing, electronics, heat-treating,
steel and glass industries.

Balance Weave Belts

Balance weave is a friction-driven, straight running, woven wire conveyor belting that can be manufactured in nearly any size specification or wire diameter to meet your needs.

This belting is recommended for applications such as: baking, battering, breading, coating, cooling, drying, frying, icing, washing and more!

Flexx Flow Belting

Flexx Flow belting is a sprocket-driven belt that provides positive drive and consistent tracking. Flexx Flow is designed to articulate around small diameter drive and tail rolls for tight transfers. This ensures the gentle handling and constant positioning of products.

This belting is recommended for applications such as: breading, cooking, battering, coating, any processing from freezing up to +500F and more!

Flat Wire Belts

Flat wire belts provide faster drainage of liquids, free air circulation and ease of cleaning. They are ideal of operations where sanitation is a prime consideration. Its flat surface is optimal for sorting and assembling operations.

Flat wire is available in galvanized carbon steel and stainless steel.